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Private School (Kindergarten – 4th Grade)

girl with presentation at private school

Academics should mean more to your children than a competitive atmosphere. It should embrace a values oriented worldview and a practical understanding of real world solutions. Unfortunately, both are often overlooked in many Private School environments as the focus is based more on standardized knowledge assessment and not on the particular needs of a student.

At Walnut Creek Academy, we believe that knowledge is a living entity. It must have deep meaning in order for it to become an organic part of your child’s life. Our teachers don’t simply read from a textbook. They make lessons come alive, informed by the values of the gospels and the word of God.

Our Private School curriculum covers a wide ground including phonics-based literacy, mathematics, science, history and the bible. But it also enriches through technology, music, art, physical education and Spanish. Once a week, we host age appropriate chapel services blending praise songs and hymns with biblical stories designed to inform moral character—all designed to nurture your child’s mind, creativity and spirit.

But we also nurture their self esteem. Through our monthly Student Spotlight Assemblies, teachers reward and recognize students for their achievements in a variety of categories so that no one is excluded. We also celebrate each child’s birthday and host playful, non-exclusive competitions as a way of relaxing and letting off some steam.

Private school education shouldn’t have to be dull. Let your child grow in a supportive and creative academic environment informed by Christ’s word.

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A Typical Day for a WCA Private School Student

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