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Pre-K (Pre-K3, Pre-K4 And Pre-K5)

Walnut Creek Academy Preschool

There’s no time like the present for you to become involved in your child’s education. The formative years of a child are the most critical. And at Walnut Creek Academy we believe in giving every parent the opportunity to actively engage with both your child and their teachers over which curriculum is appropriate for their development⁠—and what isn’t.

The Creative Curriculum ® For Preschool

Our Creative Curriculum® for Preschool is an award winning program designed to provide your preschool student with the necessary tools to unlock their full potential. It’s comprised of fine volumes which make up our core values and form the base of our knowledge and classroom activities. Richly embedded with teaching guides, practical activities and solutions and daily advice, it helps our teachers guide your children on the path to  confidence, creativity, and lifelong social skills.

Why Our Creative Curriculum© For Preschool?

  • It’s based on 38 uniform objectives fully aligned with the Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework, as well as early learning standards for every state

  • It combines both knowledge-building skills and practical resources to allow our educators to understand intuitively the “what” “why” and “how” of early childhood education

  • It’s flexible enough to allow for individualized instruction, helping our educators meet each child’s personal learning needs

  • It incorporates all areas of learning including math, technology, social skills and art throughout the course of the day

  • It’s designed to help educators assess the results in your child’s education through direct observation

  • It offers complete support for both English and bilingual learners, as well as guidance for working with both advanced learners and children with disabilities

  • It’s fully aligned with Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Frameworks, as well as state early learning standards


By working in harmony with different objectives (physical, mental, social, creative and problem solving development), our curriculum seeks to fuse these aspects to forge a more holistic understanding for both teachers and students of personal goals and needs.

Bilingual Resources

Walnut Creek Academy values diversity on both our curriculum and the children we teach. It’s one of our guiding principles. That’s why we teach basic Spanish vocabulary to all our children throughout the day. Not just as a core competency, but as one simple way they can learn to develop an appreciation for the diversity around them.

Infant Sign Language

We teach sign language to infants as early as six months to help strengthen a much deeper, non-verbal bond with parents and caregivers. More importantly, sign language gives toddlers a tool to make connections and associations before they even learn to speak, setting the stage for a much more appreciative learning experience in the future.

Faith Based Curriculum

As part of our commitment to faith based learning, Walnut Creek hosts The Gospel Project, a Christ-centered initiative that follows biblical narratives over a timeline. Through it, your child will:

  • Learn a deeper understanding of how the gospels interact with the passages they study

  • Understand the Bible in a creative multimedia environment, using video and apps

  • Be immersed in the gospels through direct interaction

  • Be provided with the building blocks that allow for a much deeper and transformative biblical experience

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