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Before And After School Care
(Kindergarten – 12 Years Old)

before and after school care

At Walnut Creek Academy, we recognize that after school programs aren’t a question of convenience for parents. They’re a necessity. But we also realize that your time at home should be quality time with your kids—not just with their noses to the grindstone. That’s why our before and after school program emphasizes education, in addition to daily activities with their friends.

But our program isn’t just about continuing structured academics. We provide a free choice learning area where a child can decide which subjects are best for them, sparking their own creativity and nurturing their own curiosity. And in doing so, discovering more about themselves.

But it also gives our teachers a chance to observe your child even more closely, learning about their real motivations and their real passions. Doing so allows them to come to a true understanding of your child’s strengths and weaknesses; and more importantly, how they can better help them.

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