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child health and wellness

Health and Wellness

Health and wellness. It’s a subject we all like to talk about. But how many of us put health and wellness at the forefront of our lives?

When it comes to child care, health and wellness aren’t just words or empty promises⁠—they’re positively vital. That’s why Walnut Creek pays strict attention to making certain all students are immunized according to their appropriate pediatric schedule. Each day starts with “Daily Wellness Greeting” to ensure all children are healthy enough to attend, as well as to prevent the spread of germs. Our facility is sanitized and maintained daily according to proper maintenance suggestions. And we ensure our staff is fully certified in First Aid and CPR as an added precaution.

Health. Wellness. They may seem like little words, but they can make all the difference in the world⁠—especially when it comes to your children. 

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