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Imagineers (2 year olds)


It’s an incredible odyssey for a two year old. They’ve learned to express themselves in ways you wouldn’t have thought possible just six months ago. Their mental curiosity is boundless. And both their sense of creativity and their self esteem has been molded like a piece of clay. But their next challenge still lies ahead of them. Preschool. And that’s an adjustment that can be difficult to make. And it certainly isn’t always smooth sailing. But our Imagineers program can guide them there, navigated by patience and understanding. The program includes:

  • Our Creative Curriculum® program for Preschool. As part of the foundation for our classroom environment and all lesson plans, children learn through discovery and exploration with an emphasis on stronger self esteem and social skills. In addition, it offers daily opportunities for teachers to individualize plans, creating a program that is flexible, creative and never stale or boring.


  • The Gospel Project. Our introductory biblical curriculum, combining interactive songs of worship, biblical stories and hands-on activities designed to instill a deeper understanding of the gospels in children


  • Personalized activities designed to boost self-certainty and confidence


  • Hands-on activities encouraging creativity, exploration and problem solving


You’ll find some of the basic milestones we use to assess developmental readiness below. Please note that all children progress at their own pace. A two year old lagging behind in any of these areas is not necessarily a cause for concern.



  • Running with ease (24-26 mos.)

  • Climbing with ease (24-30 mos.)

  • Bending over without stumbling (24-30 mos.)

  • Walking up stairs using alternating feet for support (24-30 mos.)

  • Riding a tricycle with assistance (30-36 mos.)


Social And Emotional

  • A heightened maturity in emotional range (24-36 mos.) Objecting to changes in routine (24-36 mos.)

  • Parting from parents without distress (by 36 mos.)



  • Screwing and unscrewing jar lids (24-30 mos.)

  • Turning book pages one at a time (24-30 mos.)

  • Building a tower of more than 6 blocks (24-30 mos.)

  • Holding a pencil for writing (30-36 mos.)

  • Making vertical, horizontal and circular strokes (30-36 mos.)



  • Using pronouns such as I, you, me or we (24-30 mos.)

  • Understanding most basic sentences (24-40 mos.)

  • Identifying most common objects (26-32 mos.)

  • Knowing and saying their name, age and gender (30-36 mos.)

  • Their words can be easily understood, even by strangers (30-36 mos.)



  • Completing puzzles with three or more pieces (24-36 mons.)

  • Playing make believe with dolls, animals and people (24-36 mos.)

  • Understanding basic math, such as the concept of two or three (26-32 mos.)

  • Sorting objects by color alone (30-36 mos.)

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